Sauktown Church of Christ
Sauktown Church of Christ

Jesus Under Quarantine

May 17, 2020


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(2020-05-17 09:30:06) Lola Ward said:
Thank You. I always enjoy Your sermons. Hope to see everyone next week.

(2020-05-17 09:42:21) Cheri said:
Very good message. Thank you

(2020-05-17 09:58:08) Robin, Debbie and Danielle. said:
Thanks George for the message of Jesus during his quarantine. Have a good week.

(2020-05-17 09:59:13) Howard & Joy Simmons said:
An outstanding message.

(2020-05-17 10:15:56) Darrin and Joanne said:
God's word is so relevant to what we're going through! He is using this whole situation to teach us, to prepare us. What a gift we have been given, to spend more time learning, trusting, and growing. We don't know the future, but we do know the One who sees the big picture, and we know we can trust Him.

(2020-05-17 11:14:11) Joe and Diana said:
Thank you for another good sermon! Let's make good use of our time.

(2020-05-17 11:54:39) Jerry, Sharon, and Alex said:
George...Thank you for the outstanding message. Looking forward to see our church family soon!

(2020-05-17 13:57:12) Don Cindy Tompkins said:
Thank you for the service we truly appreciate it

(2020-05-17 15:37:36) Ruth Ann & Doc said:
Wonderful message George-Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to God's word. Hope to see you soon. We pray all of you stay safe as you enter the Lord's house once again.

(2020-05-18 12:04:11) Thelma & Larry Truex said:
Thank you for another great message!