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2018 Sermons
Hope Springs Eternal
King Sized Bed
Are You Ready?
It Doesn't Seem Like Christmas!
It's Too Crowded!
I Don't Have the Time!
Thanks Are Where the Heart Is
Insidious Infiltrators
Why Doesn't Somebody Do Something?
Fear No Evil!
Who is Church For?
How Does a Deacon "Deac?"
Letting God Choose If We Have The Faith
Why Elders?
What's a Preacher to Do?
The Prophet and the Prostitute
New to the Harvest
Labor of Love
The "E" Word!
Fly Like an Eagle
All in the Family
Table of Grace
It's a Jungle Out There!
To Walk on Water, We Must Get Out of the Boat
When Storms Rock the Boat
Dependence Day
You Might Be a Hypocrite
The Prodigal Father
Little Runaway!
3 in 1
A Sacrifice Remembered
King Me!
Mothers With Impact
Trivial Pursuit
Why is That in the Bible?
Making the Jesus Connection
Oh, the Power of Sin!
This Changes Everything!
Bargain Hunters
Cut or Pruned?
What Arrogance
That's Life
Sheep Grace
There's The Door!
Glow In The Dark
Soul Food
What's In A Name?
Living In A Pair O' Docks
Happy New Year
2017 Sermons
The Old Has Gone The New Has Come
Ya Gotta Have Faith!
Hope For The Future
Peace On Earth
Joy To The World
Quit Yer Gripin'
Follow the Leadership
It Takes a Recruit to Produce a Veteran
Warnings to Travelers!
Be an Imitator, Not a Pretender
Reckon on the Day of Reckoning
God Knows Our Name
What's In It For Me?
Going Through the Motions
What's the Big Deal About Church?
Vantage Point
About Face
How Far the Field?
The Tree of Life: Lost, Found & Restored
A Heart for Seeds
Treat the Bible Like a Cell Phone!
Blockbuster Action Hero
Everybody Else But Me
Make the Church Alive
Our Duty to God
Get Smart!
How to be a F.A.T.H.E.R.
That's Encouraging
We Don't Know What We're Doing
Remember To Be Inspired
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Making Model Moms
I've Fallen But I Can Get UP
A Fax From God
Spiritual Fitness
Empty Promises Part 2
Empty Promises Part 1
Fit for a King
Such a Deal
I Am the Greatest
The Love Boat
The View From the Top
Family Resemblance
Live it Up!
Dress for Success
No Strings Attached!
What's the Point?
Mine, Mine, Mine!
What a Character!
Get a Life!
Out With the Old, In With the New!
2016 Sermons
Patiently Endure
What Are You Waiting For?
Is Anybody Home? Part 6 Lost and Found
Is Anybody Home? Part 5 How Thankful Are We?
Is Anybody Home? Part 4 Thank You for Your Service!
Is Anybody Home? Part 3 Running the Bases
Is Anybody Home? Part 2 No Strangers
Earmarks of a Christian
Is Anybody Home? Part 1 Is He Worth It?
What's In Your Wallet?
A Three-Strand Cord Way of Life
Plugging Into the Power Source
Making Things Right
Keep Up the Good Work
The Fix is In!
Wonder Bread!
Take Out the Trash
Time to Change
The Answer
All Ears
Revising Revisionist History
When the Devil Gets Nervous
Looking For a Few Good Men
When a Plan Comes Together
Remember the Sacrifice
Threat or Invitation: The Need to Repent
Edify or Omittify
A Mother's Faith
Never Too Small
Deceived or Discerned
Finishing Well
Don't Be a Fool
Resurrection Sunday Why It Matters Part 2
Resurrection Sunday Why It Matters Part 1
Brought Nearer by the Blood
What Did You Expect?
Spiritual Fruit Basket
Assorted Fruit
Give Peace a Chance
I've Got the Joy
All You Need is Love
Be a Laborer
You Can Run But You Can't Hide
Don't be Fooled by Cheap Imitations
The Eyes Have It
How is That Fair?
Perfecting Wireless Communication
2015 Sermons
The Perfect Gift
Prepare to Meet the Savior
Prepare to be God's Instrument
Prepare for the Miraculous
Thank God for That
In the Meantime
God Believes in You
Becoming Veterans
Take Off the Masks
Highest Hope
Making Lemonade Not Whiiiine
Decide to Decide
All is Well That Begins Well
A Bowl of Stew
Jumping For Joy
Hard to be Humble
The Labor Dispute
Diluting Deity
Playing With Fire
Top 10 Things to Do With Your Nose
Faith Manages
Keep the Faith
Don't Neglect the Spirit
Take Me to Your Leader
The Truth Will Set You Free
The Boss
Parts is Parts
Willing to Do God's Will
Serving God
The Trouble With Churches Part 5
Mother's Day
The Trouble With Churches Part 4
The Trouble With Churches Part 3
The Trouble With Churches Part 2
The Trouble With Churches Part 1
Easter Sunday
Palm Sunday
Comfort Zone or End Zone
Faith and Conviction
Real Live Christian
John's Goodbye Sermon
The Book of Love
The Twelve
Abortion Message
New Year Challenge
The American Dream
2014 Sermons
A Message of Hope
The Nativity
Have Yourself Committed
Thank You
Give Thanks
The Sheep and the Goats